A one-stop shop for all things Vintage-Rockin'-Roots
Open your store in Catty Town and open the doors to a market of over 200 million shoppers.

Make it easier to find new customers:

Traders and consumers active on Catty Town will only be those interested in our market. As more and more VRR traders take notice of our communication advantage, their customers will also move to Catty Town, all of whom are potential customers for other Catty Town Traders. A social selling service is available on request to help you reach more customers outside your existing audience.

Cost-efficient communication with your customers:

Once you are a licensed trader on Catty Town, all activity is free. Our business model is based on taking a commission from successful trades only, we only make money when YOU do.

Catty Town can add value to your existing business!

Catty Town will combine many of the best features of general online platforms in a unique design concept exclusively for the Vintage-Rockin-Roots Music and Lifestyle Market. It is this unique combination of features that give us a competitive advantage.

Easier communication with your existing customers:

Unlike Facebook, we will not limit the number of your followers who see your information. If somebody tags you as an interest in Catty Town, they will see all your ‘Cards’. Our API’s make it easy for your existing social media contacts to find you in Catty Town, a two-way connection between Catty Town and other social media platforms is possible.

More exclusive than Ebay and Amazon:

Only licensed traders and verified consumers can use our trading system to sell. To be licensed or verified, Catty Town must be satisfied that they are active in our market. Our system is flexible enough to enable exclusive trading by a manufacturer, their approved dealer network or an open geo-fenced system.

Simpler and easier than Ebay:

We will charge a straight 7.5% commission on all successful trades in the Catty Town system, just one simple to understand rate. Our unique trading license and consumer residency approach adds more protection for sellers and buyers from fraud and spam.