Never before has the world of Vintage-Rockin'-Roots music and lifestyle come together under one roof, until now.

Catty Town is all the things you know and love while surfing online. The difference is that you don't have to leave Town to enjoy them.
Catty Town will be available for use on your desk at home or at work.
The mobile and tablet versions will make it super easy for you to find the things you like on the go.
Your news feed is made up of 4 'Card' categories; Shopping, Music, Events/Venues and Socialise.
All your favourite brands, bands and artists will appear in Catty Town. You will see your favourite events and festivals as well as gigs coming up in your preferred venues. You can invite your friends with similar interests to join you in Catty Town.
This is how your news feed will look. A series of 'Cards' ready for you to customise to reflect your interests.
It looks great doesn't it?! All you have to do now is 'Flip' those cards and starting 'Tagging' your favourite things.
When you 'Flip' a 'Card' you will see a series of tags placed in the top section of the 'Card'
If those 'Tags' match your interests and you would like to add them to your profile, all you have to do is drag the 'Tag' to the bottom section of the 'Card,
Meet Dylan. He just moved to Catty Town and has started to 'Tag' his interests. So far he has tagged 'Rockabilly' 'Ireland' and 'Elvis'.
This means that any 'Card' that contains any of those 'Tags' will now appear in his news feed.
This is Calum, he's from Australia, collects records and loves going to festivals. He also owns a 1957 Chevvy van.
To keep an eye on Calum's world, he has tagged 'Catty Town Records' (the man's got taste!), 'Classics' and 'Festivals'. Now he won't miss out on anything.
Say Hi to Freya! A resident of Spain and Catty Town. Vintage fashion is her thing and spends a lot of her hard earned wages in Catty Town.
There is so much to choose from in Catty Town but you have to start somewhere! We guess she likes 'Ladies', 'Polka Dot' and 'Blue' from her 'Tags'. Red suits her too!
When you click on a 'Card' it will expand on your screen, giving a more detailed description of the item on the front.
This works for all 'Card' types and enables the user to get more information about a product, band, event or club.
Click the 'Buy Now' button on the 'Card' and you can purchase that item or pay for tickets or book a venue.
No more will you get fired off to another website to buy what you like. You can do it all under one roof, in Catty Town.