Meet like-minded souls!
One of the key motivators to build Catty Town was to create a community of people who all have an interest in Vintage-Rockin'-Roots. This is not a small community, it's actually about 200 million poeple. For the first time, you will be able to find your soul sisters and brothers in one cool place to hang out.
Catty Town is as diverse as it is inclusive. Meet different people from all over the globe that share a love for the Vintage-Rockin'-Roots lifestyle.
The 'Tags' enable you to find like-minded friends from around the world. People to share our passion with!
You can join any conversation that includes anything in your 'Tags', have a real-time chat with your friends and others about all things relating to that card.
Whether it's a new dress, a vintage guitar or perhaps an event or club your are interested in, you can talk to your buddies about it on the back of the 'Card'.

A real community!

Meet new people!

Get advice when shopping!

Discover new music!