The Catty Town Team!
Working hard to make Catty Town the best it can be.
Catty Town is all about passion and this group of individuals are passionate about what they do. We have sourced the best of the best to build a platform like no other. Built with passion for passionate people.
Eamonn Doyle
Our CEO, it was Eamonn's idea to bring this community together under one roof. His background is in Management Systems and Quality Control, this experience combined with his passion for all things Vintage Rockin' Roots resulted in the birth of Catty Town. Eamonn is also the founder of the biggest Rock 'n' Roll festival in Ireland, is a Roots Music Promoter/Booking Agent, contributes to several renowned music publications and his DJ skills are highly sought after.
Jeff Kschinka
Jeff is a veteran of digital marketing strategy & execution, business analysis & development, and board-level consulting. He is a creative concept team leader, marcom strategist, and account director exploiting his multidisciplinary skills towards strictly defined business and client objectives. Jeff's primary asset is his ability to listen, examine and explore a business' constraints and motivate all involved to deliver on the identified opportunities. Jeff likes golf.
Richie Cotter
Our headmaster! Richie made education his vocation and his now bringing those skills to Catty Town. Heading up our Sales Team, Richie is bringing Traders in our Market to open their stores in Catty Town. If there's a band playing, you'll find Richie on the dance floor.
Dermot Ryan
Steeped in Roots Music Event Management, Dermot is part of our team “on the road” driving implementation of our strategy. There is little that this man doesn't know about Vintage Rockin' Roots and is our go-to guy when we need guidance. A mean Doo-Wop singer too!
Ralph Braband
The owner of Rhythm Bomb Records in Germany, London and Los Angeles, the world’s biggest 1950’s Rock n Roll and Rockabilly label. Early on Ralph could see the big picture with Catty Town and is one of our first investors. Ralph is also a highly experienced commercial director/ sales executive and spent a long time with Sun Microsystems. A key player in our platform development team.
Martin Crimmings
A graduate of Dublin City University Business School, Martin has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing. He is responsible for CRM and is our Brand Ambassador Co-ordinator. His passion for music knows no bounds and has been known to pick up his bass guitar!
Henrique San
Henrique San is a visual artist nostalgic for a time he didn't know. His work as an illustrator and graphic designer explores the aesthetics of the 1950s and 1960s, and take form in his exhibitions and commercial pieces for clients in the Americas, Europe and Oceania. His art is inspired by the fun retro world of drinks, beaches and bars where Dean Martin might have, once, bought a drink for Johnny Cash while listening to Henry Mancini music! Henrique is responsible for the visual identity of Catty Town, and promises to populate the place with his curious characters.
Matt Laws
Matt is head of Innovations/R&D. He’s had a 25 year history with music, coding, and creativity. From successful music in the commercial market, to working with music community bespoke websites, Matt’s experience is helping bring the community a set of rich features to make the ‘town’ feel like a home.
Gerrit Verhaar
Gerrit is our Future Builder. He has the challenging task to translate all our thoughts and plans into actions for our developers. Keeping an eye on what we build today versus where we will be heading. He brings an extensive background in software development and an everlasting enthusiasm for building great products that actually deliver value.
Abel Mescua
Our Spanish Web/Mobile developer who likes to keep learning and growing in a personal and professional way, in order to offer the best possible services to the people who ask for them. A self-confessed software development fanatic! In his free time he loves to dance Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba and is a keen in-line skater, in fact one of his dreams is to become a professional in-line speed skater and freestyle skater. He’s also a vegan, likes to eat healthy and enjoy food!