How it all began...
A few years ago our CEO, Eamonn, had an idea. Being an active promoter and organiser of gigs and events, he found it quite time consuming to find the key people and things required to help him. Hours would be spent searching the internet for bands, artists, equipment, music and clothes that he needed in his life! But as he found them he kept a list. This list grew to a considerable size, thus giving him his idea. Why not build this list into a searchable on-line archive so that like-minded people could find them much easier than he had. Destiny would play its hand and brought Eamonn to meet Jeff, our CMO. Jeff has years of experience in marketing ideas just like this and between them they developed the idea and brought in some serious talent to start building Catty Town, an online platform where you will be able to socialise, shop and sell anything connected to Vintage-Rockin'-Roots. To date we have made great progress and the build is going great, stay tuned for updates!
We wanted to build a community that feels like family but on a global scale.
Cut out the clutter and see only what you want to see. Just 'Tag' it!
We really believe our community is crying out for a home like this.
Everywhere you go in our community, one thing is prevalent, Passion! It's why we built Catty Town!