What is Catty Town?
Catty Town is a new, custom-built Social Media and Trading platform for the global Vintage-Rockin-Roots market of over 200 million people. Our mission is to provide a fully interactive platform and mobile app which will have the communication and networking capability of Facebook, can be focused to your specific interests like Pinterest and offer trading opportunities like Ebay.
We want to build a community that feels like family but on a global scale.
We believe in what we do and we want you to believe in it too!
We share your passion for all things Vintage-Rockin'-Roots!
Customise your platform by tagging the things you love!
Meet the Catty Town Team!
Catty Town is all about passion and this group of individuals are passionate about what they do. We have sourced the best of the best to build a platform like no other. Built with passion for passionate people.
Some of our team, taking a break during a recent development meeting.